45¢ Homemade Bean, Rice, & Cheese Freezer Burritos (Easily Made Vegan and/or even cheaper!)


2017-03-07 blogposttitleimage.png

My husband and I have been trying to eat down our food supply before we buy any more groceries. If you aren’t familiar with “eating down,” this just means that we are avoiding buying any new products until we make our way through a lot of the products that I have built up in our pantry and freezer by overbuying when things are on great sales or deals.

I have been wanting to make burritos for a while because I have seen so many great Pinterest recipes and they seem so simple and inexpensive. I found this Spanish Rice Knorr side in my pantry and thought that it would make an interesting, filling addition so I am trying it out!

2017-03-07 11.36.59

I got 12 burritos out of this, bringing my total to 45¢ apiece. That is only technically for buying the cheese for this recipe because it only took a little bit of the cheese (about a quarter of it) so I finished a bag I already had. If you buy the ingredients to make this, you should have quite a bit left over for other things.

If I did not include cheese, they would be vegan-friendly and drop the price down to just 25¢ apiece! I got my parchment paper and tortillas at the Dollar Tree and you could honestly easily get everything you need for them there (I know that the Dollar Trees near me with freezer/refrigerator sections usually have cheese).

It was my first time making burritos for the freezer, but I just followed regular rolling technique. I put the filling on the edge, fold over the edges, then roll across. I followed the same rolling technique with my parchment paper and rolled them up and put them in gallon bags.

Here’s my price breakdown:


Pre-shredded or chunk cheese, shredded (Meijer brand, 8 oz., $2.39)

Spanish Rice with peppers (Knorr Rice Side, $1.00)

Refried Beans (Vegetarian, Old El Paso, $1.00)

Burrito-size Tortillas (Dollar Tree, 12 pack, $1.00)


I made the rice while the refried beans cooked in the microwave (you can also use the stovetop). Then I heated the tortillas while I got everything organized. Then I rolled each one up and bagged them! I packed two and a cucumber in my lunchbox for supper and the rest went into the freezer.

Update: They are delicious! I really like the rice in them. We either put them in the oven or toaster oven for a while or microwave them (40 seconds, flip, another 40 seconds), but Hubby has something against the microwave so there won’t be any getting away with that when he’s home. 


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