EatPakd: We Tried It Free (as Adults!) and Here’s What We Thought

Here is an unboxing video of our first EatPakd box.

Honestly, we tried EatPakd both to try something new and because it didn’t threaten our tight budget. I thought that we could try it out and see if we liked the idea or the food fairly risk-free since the first box was free. This is how our experience went.

My husband did not like the food all that much, and the portion sizes were way too small for him. The portion sizes were okay for me, but some of the food wasn’t very good. I don’t recommend the cauliflower tots or veggie nuggets (both of which I was excited to try!), but the chicken stir-fry was very good. The desserts with the added veggies were very dry but not awful. The pumpkin chocolate chip muffins were the only ones that were not dry. The wraps were pretty good! I felt like having crackers with the tomato/cucumber mix seemed like just too many carbs and I would have preferred more tomato/cucumber, but it is more understandable if it is mostly for children.

We ended up getting a second box for free when I emailed the company to ask to have my subscription canceled. I don’t know if this is a regular occurrence, but I was fairly impressed by the belief they had in their products.

I accepted, thinking maybe we would have better luck on the second box. In the end, the box got left at our leasing office instead of our house and it was out of refrigeration for a while. Hopefully the freezer packs kept it safe, because we ate most of it anyway. We had a very similar experience to our first box, though, and didn’t like many of the foods. The apple slices with ricotta caramel dip were delicious, though.

In the end, we canceled our box. My husband complained about the portion sizes and didn’t like a lot of the food. I was frustrated by all of the waste that their packaging entailed. The styrofoam and pads and freezer packs were all expected to be thrown away, and it practically made me sick. Instead, I gave my packing supplies to my Green Bean delivery person since they recycle those products over and over again. I think that this service could work for parents with children who are willing to try new things or who they want to save time packing lunch for, but it seems pretty expensive for the average household to afford regularly.





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