$5 for $28 Worth of Makeup: Glambot Haul, April 2017

$5 Haul GB bigger

I opened up another Glambot haul today! This is my second haul from their “Dollar Store” grab bag section. (I thought that I had posted about my first haul but just realized that I didn’t finish the post! I will link it here when it is complete. Finals time, I swear!)

This time, I only spent $5. After my first order, I got an email to complete a survey about my experience. After I finished it, I got a code for $5 off my next order! So I knew I would need to do another fun surprises haul for you. (It’s not like I have enough makeup… 😉 )

So, I spent $5: a $1 face item, a $1 eyes item, and a $3 eyes item. That is everything that I could get to add to my cart because all of the dollar store items were being moved to “The Vault.” I hope that’s not the new norm, because I am loving this fun Dollar Store. Anyway, with my order being under the Free Shipping mark, shipping would be another $5. My $5 off code made all of the items in my cart free and I just paid for the shipping.

$1 Face Item: Benefit Porefessional, 0.10 fl oz

Value: $4.80

I have never tried anything from Benefit, but I hear about how awesome Porefessional is on Youtube alllll the time. I am super excited to try it out for myself! I couldn’t find anywhere selling this exact size, so I am guessing that it is the sample size they give in beauty boxes and free gifts with purchase and stuff like that. The .25 oz version is $12 from Ulta, so proportionately that would give this size a value of $4.80.

2017-04-20 10.44.10

These are the swatches for my Eyes items with flash.

$1 Eyes Item: Colourpop Super Shock Shadow (I’m not sure what shade this is though, because the sticker is peeled off of the bottom. What do you think?)

Value: $5.70 new on Glambot, $6 full-price

I was super excited about this shadow! I actually had been really hoping that I would get one in this haul because I hear about them all of the time, again usually on Youtube. I know that many of my favorite beauty Youtubers have whole videos (sometimes multiple!) about their favorite Colourpop shadows. This is a more affordable brand, but not one available in stores, so I probably wouldn’t have gone on their website to order, just to be honest. This metallic-looking navy shade is pretty, and I noticed that in the sun it is sparkly. If you have any idea which shade it might be, please let me know! I was browsing and thought perhaps Baby T (which is linked above), Luckfully, or Rex? It is hard to tell the difference between them on the computer screen, I guess.

$3 Eyes Item: MAC Crushed Metallic Pigment Stack in Lantern Light and Campfire

Value: $17.50

I was excited as soon as I saw MAC coming out of the bubble wrap! This is another brand that I’ve never been able to afford but have always been curious about. Now this one took me a minute to figure out: this stack of pigments is actually half of a set of two stacks, the Aloha set. The set of two has a value of $35, so just one stack would be $17.50 I believe, because I couldn’t find this one sold by itself.

2017-04-20 10.44.00

Here are my swatches without flash.

What do you think of the items that I received? Have you used any of them? Do you have any tips for me on how to get the most out of them (especially those loose crushed pigments)? Do you think that the value was good and worth it? Would you try Glambot?

If you are interested in trying Glambot for yourself, you can use this referral link to get $10 off your order!

Please Be Aware: This post contains affiliate links that I could potentially receive free products or payment from if enough people used them. If you do not wish to contribute to me in this way, just Google things like everybody else. 😉


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