mark. Eye Daydream of Glam Palette (with Swatches!)

2017-04-28 15.30.04 The mark. Eye Daydream of Glam palette is a 16-shade eyeshadow palette from mark. by Avon. It was recently discontinued and will only be available until they run out of them. It is available at Outlet price here.

The original price of this palette was $40, and it is on Outlet (which is basically clearance) for $19.99. This distributes out to about $1.25 per shadow, and they are quite large pans! They are beautifully marbled and the shimmering,  iridescent shades are just lovely.

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Here are swatches of the 16 shades, done with just my fingertips. I did use flash to show the shimmer in them!


I think that this palette is beautiful, especially if you like shimmer and/or iridescent shadows. For the money, you get a whole lot of makeup, too! They are beautiful and have such a wide variety here.

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