Ipsy Glambag Unboxing, April 2017

*Some links included in this post are referral links or links to my own Avon e-store. Signing up or purchasing through these links will benefit me by way of “points” from Ipsy or commission from Avon. Other links are simply links to products that I found in case you are interested in them.*

Today I am exploring the Unboxing of my April Glambag. If you would like to receive a Glambag every month for just $10, sign up here!

This month’s Glambag was a really great one!


First of all, the bag itself is extremely cute. Besides the Halloween bag (of course), it is my favorite one so far! It also seems sturdier than previous bags, since it feels like a thick, plasticky material rather than just printed cloth like they often are. I’m not a big fan of the coral orange kind of color, but I can deal with it for the adorable ticket design. It takes me right back to theatre in high school, which was an amazing time.

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The first item to come out of this Glambag was this Tonymoly Liptone Lip Care Stick in Rose Blossom. I have really liked all of the lip balms and lip treatments that I’ve gotten from Ipsy. I’ve never tried anything from Tonymoly before, but I see it in Ulta and on Hollar and a lot of it looks really cute. It is a rose scent that I really enjoy, and this first week of trying it out has been really nice. It is not anything miraculous, but it is a perfectly good lip balm with a pleasant scent.

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This Seychelles hand and nail cream from The White Company was the next item to come out of my Glambag. I don’t think I had ever heard of The White Company (and seriously, what a name choice… weird) before, but this product smells nice. It is not a very strong or lasting scent and, honestly, the feeling is not nearly as silky or long-lasting as my favorite Avon hand creams, which are also way more affordable! So, this is a cute little mini to try and smells nice, but, in the end, I will probably end up giving it to a friend or somebody because I have plenty of my favored Avon kinds and scents.

2017-04-21 14.40.46

This nail duo from Meg is a super-cute, Ipsy Limited Edition neutral Twin Nail set. I was happy with the colors–the gray is a lavender kind of shade, which I am in love with. I’ve never been much for brown or beige tones in my nail polish, but this one is so neutral and cool that I am willing to try it, though I haven’t yet. I think that they are an unexpected but cute pair together so I might use the beige/tan tone as an accent nail or nail art of some kind to make me more comfortable with trying it out. I have worn the gray shade and it went on smoothly and lasted a while, so I am happy with this product.

2017-04-21 14.41.00

This black liquid eyeliner from Jesse’s Girl was the fourth item in April’s Glambag. I am always happy to have another black liquid liner on hand because I use them every single day! The tip is comparable to my favorite Superextend from Avon, though it does not seem to be quite as black or as easy to apply over eyeshadow–do you know what I mean? That extra little tug when it is applied over shadow instead of just on a bare lid? Being not as deep or as black when applied over a color? That is the downside of this little baby. I will, of course, use it up, but I am not 100% impressed so far.

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My final product–and the one that I am most excited about–is this adorable brush from Glamour Dolls! I am not normally that excited for the brushes I get from Ipsy, but this one made my heart sing! I have seen the information about this Lisa Frank collaboration for a while now and can’t believe that I actually got this brush–it instantly takes me back to elementary and middle school when the folders and notebooks and other supplies were everything! I haven’t tried it out yet (partly because it’s so pretty and partly because I don’t wear blush super often, oops), but it is super soft and seems fairly densely packed. The metal section of the brush is even a cute rose gold!


What do you think of my April Glambag? Totally worth the $10, right? Did you get any of the same things if you get a Glambag? Any suggestions for my products?

Thanks so much for spending some time with me today. Have a lovely Monday!




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