Good Morning! (Creamer Recipe, Yoplait Reviews)

2017-04-10 10.33.21


I don’t normally buy these small Yoplait yogurts, but I got a great deal on them! I thought maybe getting some different flavors would inspire my husband to eat breakfast (it hasn’t worked yet, but I’m wearing him down!) and, of course, let me try some new things as well.

Normally, I only buy Greek yogurt, and I know these have a lot of sugar and not as much protein, but I am still a broke college kid for three more weeks. ūüėČ I got these yogurts for 30¬Ę apiece at Meijer. They were on sale 10 for $5, then I had an mperks coupon for $2 off when you buy 10–$3 for 10 yogurts was just too good to pass up to me!

The Sea Salt Caramel and Chocolate Whips! was interesting. It is a limited edition flavor, and I got two of them because the flavor sounded so yummy to me. I am normally not a big fan of the Whips! varieties because I think it is a weird consistency, but it works for this flavor, honestly. It is very chocolatey at first taste, and then you get the salted caramel as an aftertaste that lingers. If I can get them for a good price, I actually might pick up some more of this flavor!

2017-04-19 09.08.58
Blackberry Pomegranate

The Blackberry Pomegranate¬†flavor was pretty good. It was a fruity, berry kind of flavor. It wasn’t all that special and I don’t know that I would get it again.

I used a Peach yogurt and a Strawberry Banana one in strawberry banana smoothies on different mornings, and it was very yummy. I really need to add yogurt to my smoothies more often, because the texture is something special.

2017-04-22 07.51.10
Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry Cheesecake was super yummy and I will definitely get this kind again! It was strawberry but also had a rich, sweet flavor from the cheesecake part. If you don’t like really sweet, this one is not for you, but I liked it for when I had a sweet craving.

2017-04-26 09.24.42
Pina Colada

The Pina Colada one was pretty good. You could definitely taste both the coconut and the pineapple, and I believe there were some little bits of pineapple in it, which I was a fan of.

2017-04-29 20.38.29

The Cherry Cheesecake Whips! wasn’t as yummy as the Sea Salt one, but it was good. It was more cheesecake-y than the nonwhipped cheesecake flavor, I think because this texture is so similar to a light, fluffy cheesecake.

My husband ate the Blueberry,¬†and Key Lime Pie yogurts. I thought he would eat more of them, but it is so hard to get him to eat breakfast. (I’m not about to make him!) He ate the Blueberry one as a snack one day, but I think he did eat the other one at breakfast time.

I also recently made my own coffee creamer for the first time in quite a while. I realized that I miss the homemade! I found this recipe about a year ago and have really loved it and all of the variety it builds in. My favorite way to make it is the “Peppermint Patty” variety with sugar-free chocolate sauce and a few drops of peppermint. I really like reusing empty, cleaned creamer bottles because I like the shape of them and I love reusing things.

homemade coffee creamer mrs happy home maker

I was thinking about writing a post about the vitamins and supplements I have been taking and what I think they are or are not doing for me. Would you be interested in reading about that or about more of my morning routine?

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