Ready Egg Go! (Quick Review)

Hey, how are you doing today? Have you tried anything new lately?

I just did, as I’m sure you can tell. I’ve been working more hours and more daytime shifts, so I’ve been trying to find good breakfasts that can come with me and still be yummy and nutritious.

I found a coupon on mperks for a new product that I hadn’t heard about, Crystal Farms’ Ready Egg Go. The normal price is $2.99 right now at my Meijer, and the coupon was for $1 off.

So, for $1.99, I got a hardboiled egg, cashews, and chunked Gouda cheese. (That Gouda sealed the deal for which variety I chose to try!) The pack has 18 grams of protein!

It was yummy and satisfying. I had never had the prepeeled/premade hard-boiled eggs, but I’ve seen them in the deli and dairy sections before. It wasn’t a strange texture or anything, it tasted just like a fresh, homemade one.

The cheese was as yummy as I had hoped and I was quite happy with the little kit overall. My tummy was satisfied and I didn’t get hungry before lunchtime. I’m sure I could make it myself cheaper (especially if I hadn’t had the coupon), but the coupon made it a pretty good value.

What do you think of this kit? What changes would you make to it? Do you think it is worth the price?


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