$17 for $100+ of Makeup! Awesome Glambot Haul (& Some Mini Reviews)

I am really enjoying creating these Glambot hauls and getting to try out new makeup that I wouldn’t have been able to access or afford otherwise. This time I spent $17, $5 of which was on shipping, and received over $100 worth of products!

I got a $1 and a $3 face product, a $1 and a $3 lip product, and a $1 and a $3 eye product. The products from the Dollar Store section or bundles are random, like a grab bag kind of thing, which I think is really fun and exciting!

The following links include referral codes and affiliate links. This is part of what makes it possible for me to spend so much time creating content. If you do not wish to contribute to me with your clicks, just Google things.

Glambot Referral code: https://www.glambot.com/?refcode=4okr to get $10 off your order

OR  https://www.glambot.com?affid=73sbrkabo for general checking things out through my Affiliate link.

Total Paid: $17 ($12 for products and $5 Shipping)

Total Value: $100.96

2017-05-11 18.31.02

Too Faced Hangover Primer 5 mL

Paid: $1

Value: $7.50


I have tried a mini like this of this product before. I know that it is an extremely popular product. I like it because it is moisturizing and smells good, but also sinks in quickly. That is always a pro because I try to get ready fairly quickly before work in the mornings.

It is a product that I enjoy receiving and am happy to use, but I wouldn’t purchase it for myself because I have much more inexpensive ones that I like. I do think it is a great product, though!

2017-05-11 18.31.132017-05-11 18.31.21

Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Original Mineral Veil .57g

Paid: $3

Value: $12


I don’t know how much use I will really get out of this powder for one reason: I have very dry skin, so I don’t use much powder. However, now that we are starting to get into the heat of the summer months, I am more likely to give it a try.

Don’t expect it in a makeup graveyard anytime soon, but I might give it a try. I have some of my Avon Smooth Minerals in Translucent Glow that I like so much left yet, though, so maybe not. (I might just pop it into my upcoming giveaway! More details coming soon.)

2017-05-11 18.31.312017-05-11 18.31.40

Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15 in Rose, .07 oz

Paid: $1?

Value: $24 for .15 oz, $17.97 on Amazon for this size (what I used for value)


The values of my two lip items were very similar, so I chose to delegate this as the $1 item, just because it is more of a trial-size, rather than the next item’s full-size.

I am always happy to receive and try out lip treatments. It seems like my lips are chapped or dry more often than they’re not. I drink tons of water, do lip scrubs, and put on lip balms and such all the time but they are chapped when they want to be, it seems like.

I have started using this product, and I like it. It has a very nice scent and I think that it feels very nice on the lips. I am very happy that it has SPF in it. However: don’t keep it in your pockets or apply it without at least glancing in a mirror (at least, if you’re fair-skinned like I am).

I kept mine in my pocket one day and I think it got too hot: it broke and kinda… slipped all over the place? I was patient with it and apply it carefully so I don’t have to throw it away, but it is extremely annoying. It’s probably fragile because it is a soft treatment and not a dense pigment or something. But it is more pigmented than any “tinted” lip product I have tried! I always have to check a mirror when I reapply it or somebody will inevitably tell me I have “stuff all over.”

2017-05-11 18.43.422017-05-11 18.43.512017-05-11 18.44.14

Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Lodhi

Paid: $3?

Value: $27 on Nars site


Get it for $12.50 on Glambot


This color is really pretty, though it is more pink than I probably would choose for myself. That’s part of the fun of these Glambot hauls though: I am challenged to try products and shades I may not have chosen for myself!

In my research on the value of these products, I found that many people were frustrated that these pencils have to be sharpened a lot–every time or every other time you use them! I have only worn this once so far and did not think that it wore down scary fast, but I will let you know once I have used it more.

2017-05-11 18.16.032017-05-11 18.16.58

Nyx Nude Matte Shadow Refill in Not Today

Paid: $1

Value: $4.49


 I really like this shadow so far! I have used it to darken up eye looks and smoke out edges and I am definitely a fan. Especially looking at a price tag less than $5! This shadow performs incredibly. I stuck it in my Z palette and it has been a go-to to pair with my shimmery singles from Avon and mark. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Benefit Peek-A-Bright Eyes Illuminating Kit


Value: $32


This was a pleasant surprise when I pulled it out–I didn’t expect a little palette for the $3 category! I could not find it online anywhere except Glambot and the UK version of the Benefit site. This is the first product I have ever received from Glambot that you could even tell it was used. I really don’t mind because there’s no way I could finish entire pans of all this makeup in a reasonable amount of time.

The little pot of creamy stuff at the end was a little confusing to me. It is sheer, as far as I can tell, and tacky. I think it may be supposed to be used as some kind of base? I have used this palette a couple of times, but have not experimented with that yet. On my next day off that I spend at home, I might give it a go that way. Have you ever seen or owned this palette? Do you know what that is or what it is for, or have an educated guess?

So far in trying this out, however, it seems like just an expensive version of the Wet N Wild Walking on Eggshells mini palette, perhaps. I will do some more experimenting with it (and that weird stuff) and see what I think. Would anybody be interested in some kind of dupe/comparison video or post focused on that?

In the end, this is another Glambot haul that I am very happy with and excited about. (I have another in the works, too, if that tells you how much I enjoy it!) Do you like them? Would you or have you tried it?

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