Beauty Resolutions 1-3

I have 10 awesome tips for you this week, and I will give them to you a few at a time. They are considered the Beauty Resolutions for starting a gorgeous and healthy New Year!
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c2 1
1. Always Start With a Primer
You should always be using primers, and if you don’t see why, then I don’t think you’ve ever tried a good one. Our Magix Face Perfector can be worn alone to even your skin tone, banish pores, and reduce shine and oiliness or under other makeup to keep your makeup smooth and last much longer. Eyeshadow primer creates a smooth, even base for your shadows to cling to and helps the looks you create last much longer! A lip conditioner is like a super-intense balm with SPF 15. It is extremely helpful in keeping your lips soft and smooth. This formula even has retinol and collagen to help your lips feel firmer and fuller, so it helps you feel great about your lips, too.
c2 2
2. Dare to Wear a New Shade
You may have go-to shades and ones that you always reach for. That’s fine, but you should also be willing to step outside your comfort zone, push your own limits, and try something new! A liner will help keep your new experiment perfectly in place: you can choose a matching color to lay down strong color foundations, or get a clear lip liner so that it can go with all your different lipsticks while still keeping your color within the lines. Avon has well over a hundred options, so you are sure to find your next new favorite. Play it bold, not safe!
c2 3
3. Make SPF Your BFF
If you know me very well at all, you probably know how fair and sensitive my skin is! (I even carry a bottle of Bug Guard Sunscreen in my purse year-round. 🤭) Having SPF in your skincare products, makeup, etc, protects your skin from harmful UV rays. You may not think about it much or even at all, but UV rays are out there damaging your skin every day, not just in the summer! The easiest way of getting your SPF and your skin protected is to use a moisturizer in the mornings that has SPF already built in. That way, you aren’t adding any extra oils to your face with a regular sunscreen made for your body.
Come back tomorrow to get another couple of Beauty Resolutions to get you in a beautiful head space for the holidays and the upcoming New Year! ❤

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