Shimmer Voxbox Unboxing


This is a look back at and exploration of my Shimmer Voxbox from Influenster. I have received several Voxboxes now and they are always a lot of fun. Thank you, as always, to the brands involved for sending out free products!



Review of May Ipsy Unboxing & Products

2017-05-24 09.47.13It has been a while now since I opened up my May Ipsy bag, and I would love to go back over what I got and what I think of it so far. I had an amazing value of products in this assortment and was very impressed! If you’d like to sign up for ipsy, there is no waitlist for a limited time: I would appreciate it if you decide to sign up through my referral link.

2017-05-24 09.46.37

The bag for May was really cute. I like the size, it is a little longer and skinnier than a lot of the other ipsy bags. It is a see-through plastic texture with ice creams and popsicles on both sides. It is a great choice for summer bags or to take to the lake (I can fit my sunscreen in it!).

2017-05-24 09.44.09

Hempz Pomegranate Herbal Body Moisturizer

I have been wanting to try Hempz products for a long time, but I always have so much Skin So Soft, gifts, and sample sizes to try around that I don’t often experiment outside that. It smells nice but is not strong or overwhelming. It seems to sink into the skin easily. The texture is very thin, but still moisturizing.

I still prefer my Skin So Soft, but this is fine. It’s good to know that I don’t need to spend the money on more, but I will certainly use it up without complaint.

2017-05-24 09.44.562017-05-24 09.45.17

Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter in Sin

I received an Urban Decay duo chrome eyeshadow called Lounge in my first Glam Bag and wasn’t sure how much I loved it (because I expected green and the main shade is actually reddish-brown). I was a little nervous, but hopeful! The pan size is really big, especially for a high-quality brand in an ipsy bag.I have worn it several times now, and it is pretty. The formula

I have worn it several times now, and it is pretty. The formula is very nice and smooth. It is shimmery but not glittery. Unfortunately, it’s pretty gold for me. I am very fair and usually wear a peachy or pearly highlight and very cool tones in everything else, so it will probably take me a while to work through. I know a lot of warmer complexioned friends this would be pretty on, so maybe I can use it on them and pass it along if one of them loves it.

2017-05-24 09.45.32

Royal & Langnickel Precision Angled Brush

It’s hard to tell just how large this brush is in the photo, but if you check out the video, you will really be able to see it. This brush is the same shape as the angled Royal & Langnickel eye brush I received in a previous ipsy bag, but much larger.

I was a little confused about what to do with this brush at first but then thought to try it with the highlighter. That worked really well! After some playing with it, I like to use it for highlighter and setting my concealer.

2017-05-24 09.45.43

Grande Lash Boosting Mascara

The first few days of using this mascara weren’t so great, and I was worried. But it turns out that, like many mascaras, the first few days the formula was just too wet. After that, it got so much better!I am actually a definite fan of this mascara–it is especially great for length.

I am a definite fan of this mascara–it is especially great for length. I will be really sad when it dries up or runs out, but I don’t think I’ll ever be willing to spend the $25 on a new one! 😱

I’d rather spend a few dollars on my very favorite Wide Awake mascara and benefit my business. 🤷

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Pacifica Island Life Natural Mineral Eyeshadow Palette

This little eyeshadow palette is great quality. I was really excited that it is vegan and cruelty-free. It looks even better on the eyes than it does in swatches–basically, it comes off more metallic and pigmented on the eyes than in the swatches.

These are not the kinds of shades I usually use (I usually gravitate toward cool tones and these are certainly warm), but they are pretty and when I do reach for them, I feel good while pushing my personal boundaries.

Isn’t that what ipsy is really all about: experimenting and trying new things?

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Your Ideal Skincare Routine (And What Mine Looks Like Right Now!)

It is never too early or too late to start taking care of your skin. Whether or not you wear makeup, the way you take care of your skin affects how it looks day-to-day and how it will change over time. If dryness, oiliness, or uneven skin tone are bothersome for you, a daily routine can help to fix your skin concerns. If you aren’t sure where to start, there is a quiz on my Avon shop page that will use information about your skin type and concerns to line up the ideal morning, night, and treatments regime for your skin!

I just started routinely taking better care of my skin about three months ago, when I signed up as an Avon Representative. I have already noticed a difference. I find that my skin shows less redness and a lot less dryness. I have always had dry, almost chapped patches on my cheeks and nose, and these have practically disappeared.


I have been using Anew Vitale Day Lotion in the mornings before I do my makeup. At night, I have been washing off as much of my makeup as I can and then cleansing with the Anew Micellar Water. I have a hard time finding cleansers that work for me because I have very sensitive skin, but this one works great and doesn’t burn around my eyes! I am planning on trying one of the cream cleanser formulas next because that is what is recommended for my dry skin.


I also use the Anew Vitale Eye Gel Cream right under and around my eyes, though I have to be careful with it. This one does burn a little if I get it to close to my waterline. Keep in mind that this is most likely because of my super-sensitivity! Once the Micellar Water dries down, I apply Anew Vitale Night Cream all over my face. It is thick and moisturizing, with a light, soft scent. I love it and the way it helps my skin stay moisturized and feels luxurious.


If you decide to try out or go back to a skincare regimen through Avon, most of the skincare regimes, if you choose one line, are available as auto-replenish bundles at a much cheaper, bundled price! If you prefer not to bundle, Avon’s products are often on sale cycles. If the item you want isn’t on sale, check back in a week or two and it often will be!

This post is not sponsored; I am an Independent Avon Representative and any purchases made through my Avon shop links help to support me. If you are interested in getting great product discounts or make extra money, consider becoming an Avon Rep on my team! If you would like to do so, you can sign up here by clicking on “Sell Avon.”

❤ Have an awesome day!